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      I'm Laura, flower obsessed and creative floral designer behind Laurel Silk Florist and luxury wedding florist Laurel Weddings. I am a trained florist with over 14 years experience in the industry, creating beautiful bouquets and arrangements for weddings, parties and home decor. I work from a studio at our home, with my two fluffy helpers, Smudge & Minnie and my wonderful husband.

      Having worked with fresh and silk flowers for many years I have learnt about the pros and cons of both options, and certainly the best thing about silk flowers is that they can stay beautiful forever. I have created many bridal bouquets in faux flowers and have received messages from my brides years after the wedding day, just to let me know how gorgeous they still look and how they can enjoy having them on display in a vase in their home.

      I love having flowers in the house, we have several displays of silk flowers to decorate key areas in certain rooms. Then at different times of the year I may add in other decorations, such as garlands on the fireplace in autumn and winter, and a special floral wreath on the front door.